Red Cross Disaster Relief

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Who participates in disaster relief and recovery efforts?

Red Cross Disaster Relief

The American Red Cross is required by Congressional charter to undertake disaster relief activities to ease the suffering caused by a disaster. The Red Cross works both at the local level, responding even to house fires, at the national level, responding to larger-scale emergencies such as hurricanes and floods, and in the international arena, providing ongoing humanitarian aid to victims of natural disaster and war. Emergency assistance includes:

• Feeding stations
• Shelter
• Cleaning supplies
• Comfort kits, first aid
• Blood and blood products
• Food, clothing
• Emergency transportation
• Assistance with rent
• Home repairs and household items
• Medical supplies

The American Red Cross may also provide additional assistance for long-term recovery when other relief assistance and/or personal resources are not adequate to meet disaster-caused needs, and the American Red Cross will also provide referrals to the government and other agencies providing disaster assistance.



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