Give Part of Yourself - Literally!

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What are the different ways to donate money to charitable organizations?

Give Part of Yourself - Literally!

When you think of donating, the most common things that probably come to mind are donating things you "own": your money, your old clothes, books … things like that. You can also donate your time, which is something else that you don't necessarily own but that you have and that is separate from your physical self. What about things that are or have been a more connected part of you? These, too, can make a world of difference to people in need - particularly people suffering from long-term or terminal illnesses.

Donating blood helps people every day, and can be particularly important during times of emergency. Bone marrow donations can significantly help cancer patients and others suffering from chronic and terminal diseases. Though it means facing your own mortality, designating yourself as an organ donor is another way to help people that would persist, should anything terrible ever happen to you. Most simply and painlessly (physically, at least), you can donate your hair for use in making hairpieces for children suffering long-term medical hair loss.



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