The Family Care Foundation

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What are some organizations that are involved in international relief programs and efforts?

The Family Care Foundation

In addition to its other grassroots efforts to help family and children around the world, The Family Care Foundation (FCF) provides humanitarian services and support in developing countries. Responding to local emergencies, FCF and partners manage extensive emergency services and relief activities at disaster sites. Some of the international disasters to which the Family Care Foundation has responded are the earthquakes in India, El Salvador, Turkey, Colombia, and Taiwan; Hurricane Mitch in Central America; flooding in India and Mexico; and the US Embassy bombing in Kenya.

The FCF emphasizes extensive follow-up, often in close cooperation with various government agencies. For more information on Family Care Foundation's relief services and other programs, visit



8/16/2006 4:01:36 AM
Marwan said:

Good to learn about smaller organizations like Family Care Foundation doing such a great work

9/10/2006 8:34:06 PM
Gracia said:

I see from the Family Care Foundation site that Family Care Foundation partners are also doing relief in Lebanon, and were very active with Asian tsunami rebuilding, besides the areas mentioned in this review.


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