Rating Charitable Organizations and Donor Priorities

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How do you evaluate charities you would like to give to?

Rating Charitable Organizations and Donor Priorities

Every year Americans give trillions of dollars to faith-based, cultural, health, educational, disaster and international relief charities. With so many non profit (non governmental) organizations in the United States and abroad, how does one review charities that are worthy beneficiaries? So just how do you evaluate charities you would like to give to?


  • Whether you are an individual, corporation or foundation, your decision to support a specific charity evolves out of your own passion or life experience; a cause being introduced to you; or your awareness of critical needs in our world.
  • Think thematically as you search those categories of charities you are fervent about in terms of values, mission and populations served.
Gather :

  • In addition to the virtual world of email, make phone calls, talk to people,
  • Request materials. In today's society, phrases like download are time efficient but still leave room for the sense of connection that comes from receiving materials in the four dimensional world. Request brochures, annual reports, media clips and other samples of what the organization does.
  • Ask others who have given to the organization about their experience.
Give :

  • After a review of charities, you will be aware of the charity's strengths and challenges and be in a position to determine where your philanthropy will be directed and to what extent.
  • Expect to be asked for a gift as fund raising professionals are expert at identifying donors. They also possess the gift of recognizing those who evaluate the charity in a big way have the potential to be major donors as well!



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