Reasons to donate: More Than the Satisfaction That Comes from a job well done

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Why should I donate my money, time or goods?

Reasons to donate: More Than the Satisfaction That Comes from a job well done

While your sense of charity might be enough to spur you to action, there are plenty of reasons to give to charity, and occasions on which to do so. Below is a list of a few:

• Giving money and/or material donations (such as clothes, books and vehicles) can help you keep your tax payments and other costs down.

• Donating items can help you clear some clutter out of your own life while providing necessary and important things for people less fortunate than you.

• Rather than throwing away those old clothes, donate them and be proud that you are keeping a family warm, or giving an unemployed person a nice outfit in which to go to interviews!

• Giving money or items to charity can also be a good way to celebrate something in your own life: many recovered addicts, for example, mark anniversaries of sobriety by giving a gift to the organization that supported them through their recovery.

• Donations to a charity can also be a fulfilling way to honor someone who has died: often, families prefer donations to research organizations, hospitals, or hospices rather than flowers as memorial gifts.



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