AIDS/HIV Prevention Charities

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How can I help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS?

AIDS/HIV Prevention Charities

The United Nations estimates that AIDS will kill 70 million people over the next 20 years. 95% of all people with AIDS or HIV live in developing nations, with the countries of sub-Saharan Africa particularly hard-hit. Education about HIV/AIDS and the availability of preventative measures, such as condoms and needle-exchange programs, has already stemmed the spread of HIV/AIDS in the United States and other developed countries, and the availability of advanced medicines has extended the lifespan of people with HIV/AIDS.

HIV continues to spread rapidly in developing nations, and access to affordable medications is negligible. While NGOs are spearheading the fight to get international funding for programs that focus on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment programs in the developing world, smaller nonprofits are also on the ground and working against AIDS every day.

*Visit for more information on the problem and on AIDS charities, what is being done, and how you can help.



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