Charity Fundraising: Capital Campaigns

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What is a capital campaign?

Charity Fundraising: Capital Campaigns

From time to time, charities need something that they don't need every year. Items such as computers, a new phone system, furniture, a new roof or other major maintenance are "capital" improvements. Capital improvements also include the buying, retro-fitting or renovating a building, or kicking off a new program initiative. Such specific and "one-time" needs of an organization require funds in addition to those generated by the annual fundraising campaign.

Charities conduct targeted capital campaigns in addition to other, regular fundraising activities. Monies donated to a capital campaign must be and are used specifically to carry out the expressed goals of the campaign. While many capital campaigns target large gifts from loyal donors, small gifts from loyal donors and gifts from new donors looking to support the new initiatives are always welcome.

*Talk to the charities that contact you about capital campaigns about their mission, progress, and how you can get involved.



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