Corporate Philanthropy: How to Give

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How can corporations contribute to charitable causes?

Corporate Philanthropy: How to Give

If your company does not have an established philanthropy division, worry not! Giving as a corporation is not so terribly different than giving as an individual. First, as you would from a personal perspective, find out who you could give to and the ways of doing so. To narrow down your choices, consider selecting a specific sector to which to donate. You might want to think about what your business does and where it is, and select charities whose mission is in line with your own goals. If your company makes any kind of detrimental impact on the community of which you are a part, you might consider donating to a charity whose efforts remedy such an impact. For example, if you have a lot of waste or environmental impact, you might want to give to an environmental charity.

If your company has skills or expertise that could be valuable to members of the local community, you could consider setting up an internship program for local kids. As a corporation, you might have surplus materials or supplies that you could donate to local charities or schools; or, you might want to designate a cash donation to be used to buy such capital improvements on the behalf of a charity. Your organization can also set up a gift-matching program, or something similar, so that your employees are encouraged to give to charities that they support, and your corporate exposure to a range of organizations increases.

*Think creatively, and develop a suite of giving opportunities. Your active involvement will help you build a mutually-beneficial relationship with the organizations and individuals in your community.



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