Use Due Diligence Before Donating

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What should I look out for when deciding to which charities to give?

Use Due Diligence Before Donating

Aristotle said, "Giving away money is easy. Deciding whom to give it, how much, when and how, is not." Choosing among the many worthy causes can be a challenge and, unfortunately, the choice is made all the more difficult by organizations that are not necessarily on the up-and-up.

Sadly, there are many charity scams out there, to such a degree that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) advises citizens to undertake due diligence and get as many facts as possible before donating. This research will help ensure that your donation dollars benefit the people and organizations you want to help, and doing such research is a good practice whether you are contacted by an organization's employees, volunteers or professional fund-raisers, and whether the solicitation for donations comes by phone, mail, the Internet or in person.



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